2019 Red Lot Reserved Parking FAQs


Why is the Deacon Club selling reserved numbered spaces in the Red Lot? 
We tested this concept in the Gold Lot last year in an effort to provide a service to those fans who wanted to reserve a particular parking space. This was well received in the Gold Lot, and we are expanding this service to the Red Lot this year. 

What if I have been parking in the same space for many years?  
We will attempt to accommodate those with a history of parking in a certain space, when possible, to allow you to reserve that space as part of the reserved parking space program.

Do I have to reserve a spot?
No,  reserving a spot is not mandatory. Any unsold spaces in the Red Lot will be available on game days on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Can I reserve an RV space?
Yes, you can reserve a specific RV space. (Please note: You must purchase a specific RV parking pass as well.)

How many Red Lot spaces are there?
There are 470 total spaces in the Red Lot.

Can I pay up front to reserve a spot for multiple years?
Yes. Although there is no discount, you can pay up front to reserve a spot for multiple years and lock in this year’s price ($600).

How do you determine the order of selection?
Selection time slots will be determined based on current Deacon Club straight rank.

How are the reserved spaces marked?
Reserved parking spaces will be painted a specific color. In addition, spaces will be designated with a parking cone and will be monitored by Athletic Department staff.  

Is the $600 donation to reserve the space tax deductible?
Yes, a portion of your gift may be tax deductible. The estimated value of benefits you will receive is $32. Please consult your tax adviser regarding deductibility.

Can I reserve multiple spaces?
Yes, you can reserve one space for each Red Lot parking pass you purchase.

What spaces are available to reserve?
Every space in the Red Lot is available to be reserved.