4.8 Million LEDs, One Big Transformation


The 2017-18 men’s and women’s basketball season has ushered in a dramatic change for our fans. This summer, the $4 million LED display transformation project was completed, featuring: an entirely new centerhung configuration with a 360 degree LED ring above the four main displays, 360 degree ribbon boards, LED scorer’s tables, vomitory LEDs, four corner displays for statistics and two outdoor marquees.

The dramatic centerhung sideline displays improve from a size of approximately 13.8′ x 8′ for the old boards, to a jaw-dropping 28.3′ x 15.8′ in the new configuration. The two new sideline-facing displays also feature a unique concave curvature for maximum viewing ability.

The centerhung configuration also includes a 360 degree LED ring display to be used for special announcements and sponsorship opportunities. The addition of this top ring display allows the primary centerhung board to be unencumbered by vectoring, creating the ability to fully dedicate the primary screens to game action, replays and the fan cam.

It also doesn’t take long to appreciate the displays in the upper corners of the Coliseum that feature various statistics. Fans are now able to track the progress of the game and identify trends that are taking place, all while enjoying an enhanced viewing experience. Having the ability to see player and team statistics from both the home and visiting teams has truly been a game-changer. Many fans point to the corner displays as their favorite upgrade to the experience.

The sponsor and game activation capabilities have been dramatically improved with the addition of the 360 degree ribbon boards. The continuous ribbon loop adds many creative elements for game introductions and announcements. In addition, the LED vomitory boards in the upper sections convert static signage to changeable LEDs for full arena saturation during anthems, game introductions and other special happenings.

Finally, the new on-court LED displays at the scorer’s tables offer variable seating arrangements, which has created additional seating opportunities near the home and visiting team benches. If you are interested in trying out this unique view of the game, please contact the Deacon Club by calling 336.758.5626 or emailing DeacClub@wfu.edu.

When contemplating the installation of the entire technology upgrade at the Coliseum, I don’t think our staff, or fans, realized how dramatic of an impact it would have on the fan experience. I hope and trust you are enjoying the technology transformation, and if you have ideas on how to utilize this resource to improve your experience, please let us know.

As we move forward with the basketball program transformation, we are now focusing on funding the next couple of phases. While the $50 million Shah Basketball Complex and Sutton Sports Performance Center are still under construction—with an estimated completion date of January 2019— we are currently raising funds for the renovation of the Miller Center locker rooms for men’s and women’s basketball. Once the locker rooms are funded, we will then shift back to the Coliseum for the entrance phase, among other priorities.

I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all of the generous support you help provide for our programs and student-athletes, which helps make so much possible. Be sure to check out the new technology at an upcoming game and enjoy the improvements, but know that there is much more to come.

Go Deacs!

(Please note: This article was originally published in the February 2018 issue of Gold Rush.)