Deacon Club Donation Deadline Moving to May 31


Since the launch of the Wake Will Campaign in 2013, our donors have made a commitment to invest in Wake Forest Athletics at a level never before seen. The results are clear: enhanced facilities completed or underway for every program and forward momentum across our department. With the extension of the Wake Will Campaign through 2020, our focus expands to improving other areas of the student-athlete experience such as academic resources, nutrition, and sports medicine. To fulfill our potential in each area, we have analyzed how to best position our budget to maximize the resources we provide for our student-athletes.

As we strive to continue providing a premier experience, we have increasingly made larger investments in summer school programming each year. With students now arriving on campus to start their college careers in June and July rather than July and August, we are now providing the resources for nutrition and strength training one month earlier than in past years. This transition has identified an area of improvement: to finalize our annual budgets earlier. To uphold our responsibility to budget and invest the contributions our donors make to the Deacon Club, we realized our best option is to move our annual membership renewal deadline from June 30 to May 31 – beginning with May 31, 2017.

In reviewing this matter with our Board of Directors and Athletic Advisory Council, these fellow donors immediately identified growth opportunities that will now arise as part of this transition. We have heard from donors intending to make contributions by June 30 that they unfortunately missed deadlines due to summer vacations and activities taking precedence in their personal lives. The May 31 deadline will help alleviate these concerns. Additionally, due to the volume of gifts previously received University-wide in late June, we would frequently hear from donors that our acknowledgements and gift receipts were sent weeks later, oftentimes after the gift was a distant memory. Our intention is that this change will allow us to steward and thank each donor for their contribution in a more efficient and timely manner.

Like with all changes, we recognize that you may have questions as we transition this renewal deadline, and we invite you to please contact the Deacon Club so that we can address these questions. As always, we thank you for your trust in us and for your continued investment in improving the experience of our student-athletes in the pursuit of excellence.

Go Deacs!

(Note: This article was originally published in the January 2017 issue of Gold Rush.)