Deacon Club Set to Launch New “Develop a Champion” Campaign


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The Deacon Club is calling on all friends and fans of Wake Forest to help spread the word about “Develop a Champion”, the new Deacon Club Annual Fund campaign launching on August 29. The campaign, which will include a video, website, emails and social media, will provide a unique and interactive look into what it takes to support student-athletes and Develop Champions at Wake Forest.

The campaign website will portray the real-life opportunity to improve our Athletic programs and the lives of our student-athletes by investing in things like tuition, academic support, strength and conditioning and sports medicine. Users will be able to test their champion-building skills through an interactive game while seeing how donations to the Deacon Club Annual Fund transform the lives of student-athletes, both on and off the field.

“This campaign is like nothing we’ve ever done before”, said Barry Faircloth, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development. “For the first time we’re giving people an inside look into what it takes to Develop Champions at Wake Forest. From tuition and academic support to facilities and recruiting, so many resources are needed. It’s our hope that this campaign will inspire giving by showing the impact that Annual Fund donations have on current and future Demon Deacons.”

Support from Deacon Club members as well as the Wake Forest community will be critical throughout the campaign. “The ‘Develop a Champion’ campaign tells a very powerful story that needs to be heard”, said Gaither Keener, President of the Deacon Club Board of Directors. “We’ll be relying on our volunteers, Deacon Club members and the Wake Forest community to help spread the word with family, friends, colleagues and fellow alumni.”

The campaign is set to launch on Monday, August 29, just prior to the football season opener against Tulane on September 1.

The Deacon Club hopes to raise $100,000 in new and upgraded donations for the Annual Fund through the campaign. Donations can be made via the campaign website or at

If you’d like to help spread the word and serve as a volunteer for the “Develop a Champion” campaign, please contact the Deacon Club at (336) 758-5626 or

Stay tuned for more information.