Excitement and Anticipation


As the search for our new basketball coach progresses we all await with anticipation this new chapter in Wake Forest Basketball. A new coach provides excitement, energy and hope for the future.



This has certainly been the case with Coach Clawson. He has ignited our donor base, bringing unprecedented levels of support to the Sports Performance Center.  Coach quickly identified his priorities after taking an inventory of the needs of the program.  The weight room and coaches offices are immediate needs and our efforts have been focused on providing this as soon as possible for our student-athletes and coaching staff.  To date, approximately $14 million has been committed to this important initiative.  Many of these gifts were inspired by the vision Coach Clawson has for the Wake Forest football program.


My hope is that we can experience the same excitement, energy and optimism for the future of Wake Forest basketball that Coach Clawson and his staff have brought to our football program in recent months.


Basketball will benefit greatly from the Sports Performance Center, as will all of our sports.  After a few days of settling into the new position, I imagine our new coach will take an inventory of our facilities.  With plans for the Coliseum project proceeding well, we are on our way to finalizing our vision for that facility.  There may be other needs the new coach would like to address in terms of team areas for player development and we will work with the coaching staff, just as we have with football, to help those visions come to fruition


Beyond helping our current student-athletes compete on the playing fields and courts, capital projects demonstrate dedication to our programs and can greatly benefit recruiting.  Recruiting is certainly the lifeblood of our sports and success in this area is directly correlated to wins and championships


Our job in Athletic Development is to connect the vision of our coaches with the priorities for support.  The priorities are then presented to Wake Forest supporters who come together to fund that vision.  The $14 million I mentioned before is made up of 200 individuals making an investment in the future of Wake Forest Athletics. I look forward to the day we announce the new basketball coach and quickly work to engage each of you to join us in our mission of Developing Champions.


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