Athletic Endowment

2015 Stewardship Brunch

The Importance of Scholarship Endowment

Athletic Endowment combines with Annual Giving to cover scholarship costs. The Wake Forest endowment, which pays an approximate annual yield of 5%, is composed of hundreds of restricted funds established by donors for specific purposes (such as named scholarships or professorships) and a pool of unrestricted funds that supports the operating budget..

In 2015-16, the cost of education for more than 350 scholarship student-athletes will be over $13 million, making the growth of endowment funds a key priority for the Deacon Club.

Naming an Endowed Fund

Wake Forest currently requires $100,000 to name an endowed fund. This can be paid over a three year period if necessary. Earnings will not be spent until the fund reaches $100,000, and the fund will not begin earning income until the fund reaches $7,500 in value. With current tuition and fees, the amount to fully fund a full tuition scholarship at Wake Forest would be approximately $1,000,000. Donors receive double priority points for Deacon Club credit toward your cumulative giving and rank for gifts to endowment.

For a list of athletic endowment funds, please click here.