Endowed Funds

Funds are listed alphabetically by last name: 
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Porter B. Byrum Athletic Scholarship Fund

The James Grover Carroll Athletic Scholarship
Rex H. Carter Women’s Golf Scholarship Fund
Casstevens Family Athletic Scholarship
Rome Christie Athletic Scholarship
Walt Chyzowych Scholarship
Bryan Cobb Football Scholarship Fund
Bobby J. Coley Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
Earle A. and Jean B. Connelly Athletic Scholarship Fund
Mary J. Cook Athletic Scholarship
Donald and Elizabeth Cooke Foundation Athletic/Academic Scholarship Fund
Marge Crisp Athletic Scholarship Fund
Don and Mary Culler Athletic Scholarship

Lowell “Lefty” Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Deacon Club Endowed Scholarship
J. Carlton Deaton Athletic Endowment Fund
Graham W. Denton Family Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Dew Family Athletic Scholarship
Tia Dodson Memorial Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Trey Dodson Memorial Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
William Paul Dorsett Athletic Scholarship
Ernie Douglass Memorial Golf Fund
Thomas M. Dozier Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund

Marvin A. “Skeeter” Francis Memorial Scholarship
J. Frank and Edna M. Furches Fund
Tony and Mary Alice Gallovich Scholarship
Bob Goalby Golf Fund
Dr. Ismael R. Goco Athletic Endowment Fund
Golf Endowment Fund
Claude and Anne Bruce Brewer Gore Scholarship Fund
Richard Graves Athletic Endowment Fund
Murray C. Greason Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Michael D. Gunter Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Caryl J. Guth Women’s Golf Endowed Scholarship

Jay Haas Men’s Golf Scholarship
Dwayne Allen Hall Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund
John C. Hamrick, Sr. Endowed Fund
Robert and Lynette Harrell Athletic Endowment Fund
Dr. Merwyn A. Hayes Athletic Endowment Fund
Heelan Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
The Addison Hewlett, Jr. Scholarship Fund
John T. Hicks Athletic Scholarship
Lawrence Holden Athletic Endowment Fund
Josh Howard Athletic Scholarship

Ann Phelps Jacobs
Frank and Dell James Athletic Endowment Fund
Larry and Ann Johnston Athletic Scholarship
Nathaniel Jones Men’s Basketball Scholarship
Robert C. Josey Scholarship
James Judson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Keith Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
John R. Knott Scholarship

Arnold and Becky Lakey Athletic Scholarship
The Deborah and Gary Lambert Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
Donald D. Leonard Athletic Scholarship
H. C. Liles Trophy Fund
Ashley Linder Cheerleading Endowment Fund

Maier Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Wayne Marion Athletic Endowment Fund
Bill and Mary Marks Athletic Scholarship Fund
Zeno Martin Football Punter/Placekicker Athletic Scholarship
George B. Mast, Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund
Len Mattiace Golf Endowment Fund
Bruce and Ann Milam Athletic Scholarship Fund
Kenneth D. Miller Athletic Endowment Fund
J. Thomas Mills Family Baseball Endowment Fund
Andrew G. Milne Memorial Fund
Grover and Peggy Mims Athletic Endowment Fund
George C. Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Jerry E. Mitchell Athletic Endowment Fund
Morgan Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
C. Hunter Moricle Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Leslie M. Morris Athletic Scholarship
Ray A. Morris Athletic/Academic Excellence Fund

Vernon Nelson Basketball Scholarship Fund
Roy and Grace Nifong Men’s Basketball Fund

Odom Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship
The Olin Family Soccer Scholarship Fund
Dr. Charles F. and Eloise Owen Athletic Scholarship Fund

Arnold D. Palmer Golf Scholarship
Dr. R. H. Patterson Athletic Endowment Fund
H. Glenn Pettyjohn Men’s Basketball Scholarship
Brian Piccolo Endowment Fund

Harry Rabenhorst Scholarship
Mark and Shirley Reece Scholarship
Reed Family Endowment Fund for Christian Outreach
Dr. Vade G. Rhoades Athletic Endowment Fund
Nikos Ridle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Roberts Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
E. Kent Rogers Athletic Scholarship Fund
Dr. Stan Rogers and Family Athletic Endowment Fund
W. Frank Rose, Jr. Men’s Tennis Scholarship Fund
John F. Rosser, Jr. Athletic Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Statesville – Fourth Creek – Laura Thomas Laws Women’s Golf Scholarship
Sammy and Penny Rothrock Football Scholarship Fund
Larry Russell Scholarship Fund

William Salter Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Schwartz Family Men’s Basketball Scholarship Fund
Tony J. Siceloff Athletic Scholarship Fund
Jay Sigel Golf Endowment Fund
Jim Simons Athletic Scholarship Fund
Snyder Deacon Club Scholarship Fund
Speas Family All-Sports Banquet Endowment Fund
Estella Spencer Men’s Basketball Scholarship Fund
James B. Staton, Jr. Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
W. Reid Staton Memorial Fund
Rex Garland Stephens Athletic Scholarship Fund
Janice K. Story Athletic Scholarship Fund
Curtis N. Strange Golf Scholarship Fund
Helen Ann Ward Straughan Fund
Dr. Robert Decatur Street Scholarship

John David Thomas Demon Deacon Mascot Fund
Carl and Linda Tucker Family Athletic Scholarship Fund
Kenneth M. Tucker Scholarship Fund
Rex and Lillian Turbiville Athletic Scholarship Fund
The James C. Turner Athletic Scholarship Fund

The VanderWeide Family Athletic Scholarship
John H. Vernon, Jr. Memorial Fund

Steve Walker Golf Endowment Fund (Unrestricted)
Lanny Wadkins Scholarship Fund
Frank and Beth Webster Athletic/Academic Excellence Scholarship Fund
Weir Family Scholarship Fund
Buddy Worsham Memorial Scholarship
Wake Forest Athletic/Academic Excellence Field Hockey Scholarship Fund
WFU Cheerleading Memorial Fund

JS Young, Sr. Athletic/Academic Scholarship

As of June 30, 2011