Inside the Boardroom: Earl Beasley (’73, P ’07)


Over the course of the next several months, members of the Board of Directors’ Communications Committee will be contributing original columns, where they share updates on various Board of Directors and Deacon Club happenings. Be sure to read this special section each month to stay in the know with all of the latest news.

One of the stranger nights of my life occurred during the spring semester of my junior year at Wake Forest, when three cheerleaders knocked on my door and exclaimed, “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to be a Wake Forest cheerleader!” In the moment, I thought there was no way this could be true. It turns out, however, that this random evening was a turning point that cemented my already growing love for Wake Forest Athletics for many years to come.

As a young man, I had always thought of myself as an athlete, even jokingly giving myself the title of “Best Athlete on Campus.” With that said, the thought of being a cheerleader – more on the sidelines than in the action – made my blood run cold. At the time, I was completely unaware of how much fun I was going to have the following year in cheering on the Deacs both at home and on the road.

My days as a cheerleader may be long gone, and while I won’t claim to be much of an athlete anymore, I’ve never stopped cheering for the Deacons. It has been great living in Winston-Salem so close to campus, as it’s given me exposure to and contact with many of our great Wake Forest coaches and leaders in various sports throughout the years. I’ve played golf with Jim Grobe (Who hasn’t?), climbed the perch into the radio booth at Cameron Indoor, and have been fortunate enough to watch teams practice, eat, play, thrive and suffer. In addition, I served as Al Groh’s “Coach of the Week” in a victory against Maryland and, of course, I was among the many thousands of Deacons who represented Wake at the Orange Bowl.

Now, my next honor and pleasure is to serve on the Deacon Club Board of Directors alongside some of Wake’s other great cheerleaders. I’ve been a Deacon Club member since I married a fellow Deacon in 1977, carefully scheduling our fall wedding around the football schedules of not just Wake, but all of the Tobacco Road teams. With that said, being invited to serve on the Deacon Club Board of Directors is a huge honor for me.

Those of you who know me know I’m never short on words or conversation, so it seems fitting that I serve on the Communications Committee. As a member of this committee, my goal is to help tell the stories of the other committees, as well as make fellow Deacon Club members a part of the conversation whenever it comes to Wake Forest sports – on and off the field, facilities, academics, nutrition, the changing college sports landscape and what the future holds for Wake, the ACC and the NCAA. I’ve toured some of the new facilities (They’re awesome!), I see what’s in store for the future and I know you’re going to be proud. The Communications Committee is dedicated to keeping you informed every step of the way, and I’m eager to be part of that effort.

It has been 44 years now since that knock on my door, but I’m extremely proud to continue my role as a Wake Forest cheerleader and I hope you’ll all join me!