What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the yearly fundraising drive of the Deacon Club. Funds generated by the Annual Fund go towards the scholarship costs for our student-athletes.

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What does it cost to join the Deacon Club?

A donor who has made a donation for the current or previous pledge year and whose account is in good standing is considered an active donor. Active donors who have made a donation of $125 or more by the May 31 deadline will receive benefits for the next pledge year. Member benefits depend on donor’s giving level. Click here to learn more about membership levels and benefits.

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What is the Pledge Year?

The Deacon Club pledge year is July 1 through May 31. Deacon Club members must make a pledge before the pledge deadline of March 15. Donations to all outstanding annual balances (Deacon Club, Premium Seating, Capital Pledges, etc.) are due by the May 31 deadline.

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How do I earn Priority Points?

Points are assigned based on the following:

  • 1 point for every $100 donated to the Annual Scholarship Fund
  • 1 point for ever $100 donated for premium seating
  • 2 points for every $100 donated to an Endowment Fund or as an outright gift to a Capital Project
  • 5 points for every year of consecutive Deacon Club membership
  • 5 points for each football and basketball season in which all season tickets associated with a membership are scanned at every home game during the season
  • 1 point for every 10 hours of volunteer time with the Deacon Club
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How are Priority Points used?

The Deacon Club utilizes a combination of the priority point system and Annual Fund giving level in an effort to fairly allocate seats and other benefits to members. The system is designed to acknowledge both consistent annual giving and current giving. The following provides how different benefits are allocated:

  • Football Season Tickets – Deacon Club Rank
  • Football Parking Passes – Deacon Club Rank within Giving Level
  • Men’s Basketball Season Tickets – Deacon Club Rank within Giving Level
  • Men’s Basketball Parking – Deacon Club Rank within Giving Level
  • Post-Season Men’s Basketball Tickets – Eligibility determined by Deacon Club Giving Level; Allocation based on Deacon Club Rank

Please note that the number of seats or parking passes a membership can order on priority is based upon the giving level.

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Can I transfer my Priority Points to another account?

Priority points may not be transferred from one person to another (except a spouse as defined by applicable state law) or from one account to another. Upon the death of the donor, points will be transferred to the spouse (if applicable or desired).

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Can I open a joint account with a friend?

New joint accounts are not permitted by the Deacon Club. Some members previously established joint accounts when permissible by the Deacon Club. While these joint accounts are grandfathered, the Deacon Club will not allow members to set up a new joint account.

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Can current Wake Forest students join the Deacon Club?

Students can join the Deacon Club and receive general level memberships for $25 per year. The Deacon Club cannot issue charitable receipts because the membership benefit value is greater than the donation.

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Is there a special rate for Young Alumni?

Young Alumni can join at the general level for $50. This discounted membership cost is only available the first year after graduation. A special two-year membership is currently being offered for $100. This is a limited time offer. Please contact the Deacon Club at (336) 758-5626 to sign up for this offer.

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Is my Deacon Club donation tax deductible?

A portion of your Deacon Club membership fee is tax deductible. Capital gifts are typically 100% tax deductible. Each year that you donate, you will receive a tax benefits chart to help you determine the deductibility of your contributions. However, we urge you to consult your tax advisor.

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How do I get access to the Allegacy Club at the Coliseum during basketball season?

Join the Deacon Club! All levels of Deacon Club membership are granted access for the member and their immediate family. Simply show your Deacon Club membership card for admittance.

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How can I get a parking pass in the Gold/Red/Blue/Orange lot during football season?

Parking in the Gold, Red, Blue, Orange, and WF Baseball Park lots are reserved for Deacon Club members. Parking passes are assigned based on Deacon Club rank within giving level. For estimated giving level per lot please click here.

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How can I get access to McCreary Tower on a football game day

For more information on McCreary Tower, please contact the Deacon Club at (336) 758-5626.

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Are there any incentives for referring new members?

Yes! Deacon Club members can earn priority points for referrals. The referral must be documented in writing. The referring member earns priority points for any new or increased giving to the Annual Fund during that fiscal year. The referral points do not count towards membership level.

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Is there a cost associated with moving my Football Seat Rights to another section?

If the donor moves to a section with a higher seat right price or to a better seat within the same section as defined by the Deacon Club, the FSRP holder will pay the difference between the original cost of the seat rights and the new seat rights price; this amount will be spread over the remaining payments due, and the holder will retain the original term duration.

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Is it possible to match athletics gifts via my company match?

Due to new IRS regulations, many companies that previously matched Deacon Club donations no longer match athletics. The donor must consult the benefits office at his/her place of employment to see about matching gift eligibility. If eligible, the donor must fill out a matching gift form from his/her employer and submit it with the donation. The donor is responsible for ensuring that all matching gift funds arrive in a timely manner. Any matching gifts received from corporations that do not match athletics will be applied to Wake Forest University’s general fund. The Deacon Club will notify donors regarding the status of their corporate matches.

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Do you have to be a Deacon Club member to get lower level basketball tickets?

In most cases, you must be a Deacon Club member to purchase lower level basketball season tickets. Season tickets are assigned based on Deacon Club rank within giving level. To see estimated seating locations based upon giving level please click here.

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How do I sign up for the Gold Rush?

All Deacon Club members will automatically receive each issue of the Gold Rush. Non-members who wish to subscribe to Gold Rush should send a check or money order in the amount of $29.95 to:

Dept. 905ISP
PO Box 667715
Charlotte, NC 28266

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Is the Deacon Club on Facebook and/or Twitter?

Yes! You can find us on Facebook by clicking here. You can keep up with us on Twitter by following @WFUDeaconClub and @DeacOnTheRun.

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What do I need my Deacon Club membership card for?

Your Deacon Club membership card shows your donor number, which is helpful to know when making Deacon Club transactions. Also, your Deacon Club membership card grants you access to the LJVM Hoops Room during Wake Forest basketball games. If you are at the Golden C level or higher, you may also show your membership card for free admission to Olympic sports including soccer, volleyball, and women’s basketball.

Deacon Club membership cards are mailed in the fall to all active members. New members will receive their membership cards approximately one month after joining.

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What do you mean by “membership year?”

The Deacon Club membership year runs from July 1st through May 31. Donations made during the current membership year effect the benefits the donors receive during the following membership year. In order to remain active the following year, donations must be made by May 31.

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