June 30 Deadline Approaches


Deadlines. We hear about deadlines constantly. Whether they are at work, with our kids, or simply paying our bills, it seems we always have another deadline placed in front of us. This time, our deadline is the Deacon Club’s June 30 giving deadline. This one is different, in my mind. It’s one of the few deadlines in my life where I feel I can do something positive for an organization that has impacted us all in some way.

All of us as Deacon Club members have prioritized Wake Forest Athletics as important to us. Some of us give to change a young person’s life through a Wake Forest education, some give to make Wake Forest a better place for our children, and others give as pure fans of the school. We all have our reasons for giving.

Ultimately, the impact on Wake Forest is the same, because we achieve all of the above by giving to the Deacon Club. Friends of mine occasionally ask how this can be possible or how they are improving Wake Forest Athletics and our mission to Develop Champions by giving to the Deacon Club.

First, if we start with our primary service to educate student-athletes, Wake Forest Athletics spends over $14 million annually on scholarship costs. 100% of all Deacon Club gifts support student-athlete scholarships. Last year, through Deacon Club contributions and our endowment, the Deacon Club covered about $7.4 million of these scholarship costs. This meant that $6.6 million would be pulled from our operating budget to support student-athlete scholarships.

By giving to the Deacon Club, you are helping us cover a greater percentage of our scholarship costs, thus changing young students’ lives through their experience at Wake Forest. As we increase revenue to cover scholarships, we are able to invest more of our operating budget into areas that will improve the lives of our student-athletes and provide our coaches and student-athletes with the tools they need to thrive academically, athletically and in the community.

Gifts to the Deacon Club therefore not only support student-athlete scholarships, but also help us improve the way we recruit, train and lead student-athletes as we invest more into not only our sport operating budgets, but also into academics, nutrition, sports medicine and strength training.

As we all prepare for this Deacon Club deadline season, I am excited about our opportunity to change the lives of student-athletes and to impact the future of Wake Forest. Please consider making or increasing your gift to the Deacon Club by clicking here or calling us at (336) 758-5626 and referring a friend to join the Deacon Club by clicking here.

Go Deacs!