Membership Policies

The following provides information on Deacon Club policies and procedures that are often of interest to our donors.

Account Stakeholders

Deacon Club members must specify a primary contact for each account. Spouses can be added to the account name at any time. The Deacon Club will generally only accept pledge payments from the donor and/or spouse whose name appears on the donor account. Payments from Family Foundations or businesses owned by the donor are also permissible. However, some foundations will not allow payments to be made to the Annual Fund due to the benefits received. Please check with your Foundation for individual rules and regulations.

Account Name Change

On an account that has been established, the account name may not be changed. Further, a personal account may not be transferred to another entity, whether it is a corporation, partnership, a limited liability company or other form. Similarly, an account established in the name of such an entity cannot be transferred to an individual account. Spouses not included on an account name can be added by contacting the Deacon Club. The name published in directories and media guides, called the Published Name, can be changed at any time by contacting the Deacon Club. A name may be removed from an account, but only with mutual consent from all parties. When an account is established in the name of a donor and a spouse, the Deacon Club cannot remove one name or the other without a notarized letter, signed by both parties, indicating mutual agreement with such action.

Family Accounts

Accounts can be listed as a “family” account in official Deacon Club publications but all accounts must have a primary contact and only the primary contact and spouse can contribute into the account. Priority points are only transferable from the primary contact to a surviving spouse. Priority points cannot be transferred to children, siblings or other relatives during the life of the donor.

Joint Accounts

New joint accounts are not permitted by the Deacon Club.

Business Accounts

Business accounts can be created but will only have one contact for mailing and ticket ordering. The Deacon Club will only accept Business checks and credit cards for these accounts and will not allow individuals to make donations or order tickets from these accounts. Each account will have one primary contact who can order season tickets. Additionally, this contact will be responsible for ensuring that donations from the corporate entity are received in a timely manner and via a corporate check or credit card. Priority points earned by public entities will only last for a time period defined by the Deacon Club. Priority points earned by private entities owned by Deacon Club members will last for the life of the donor.