Student Deacon Club

A Student Deacon Club membership is available to students currently enrolled as high school juniors or seniors as well as students currently enrolled in any undergraduate college.

Students receive the benefits of a general level membership* for a minimum annual donation of $25.

Student Deacon Club members can begin earning priority points for cumulative giving and consecutive years of giving**, but those priority points will not become active until the student transitions to a full-fledged Deacon Club membership with a minimum annual donation of $125.

At that point, their account will be credited with any priority points earned during their years as a Student Deacon Club member.

The Deacon Club cannot issue charitable receipts for Student Deacon Club members because the membership benefit value is greater than the donation.

* Gold Rush subscription will only be available electronically.
** To earn priority points for consecutive years of giving, the membership must be renewed each year and cannot lapse.

Screamin’ Demons
Wake Forest University Screamin’ Demons are not considered Student Deacon Club members. However, they receive 5 priority points for each year that they were members of the Screamin’ Demons when they join the Deacon Club with a minimum annual donation of $125. For more information on Screamin’ Demon membership, please click here.