Message from Ron Wellman


Wellman_Ron_150pxAs we are in the midst of the winter sports and the spring sports are all opening their seasons, the following are some of my random thoughts:

  • Men’s basketball is showing promise with good victories over NCSU, Xavier and Virginia.  The trademark of the team is their hard play.  They continue to improve as a result of their dedication and hard work in practice.  We have also been more inconsistent than we would like.  Our inconsistency is a result of our young players competing at a different level and understanding that their attention to detail needs to be at a peak level every day, whether it be in practice or games.  They are learning those lessons rapidly, and as a result, will continue to improve.
  • Women’s basketball is riding a similar roller-coaster as the men’s team.  Again, we’ve had impressive victories against NCSU, Florida State and at Boston College but have not followed those wins up with consistency in the following games.  Like the men’s team, the women battle hard.  They have made impressive comebacks from double digit deficits and never give up.  We just need to eliminate the double-digit deficits.
  • There were outstanding candidates for the our Volleyball coaching position.  To date, we have interviewed three candidates and may have announced our new coach by the time this column is published.  If not, the new coach will be announced very shortly.  Volleyball in the ACC is improving dramatically, and our new coach will have  the opportunity to establish our program as a top-tier ACC program.
  • Our discussions with the city of Winston-Salem regarding the future of the coliseum are going well.  We hope to announce a new relationship with the city as it relates to the coliseum sometime this spring or early summer.
  • Men’s tennis is off to a 7-1 start and have beaten some teams ranked higher than us.  Tony Bresky is building an excellent program.  The matches are fun to watch…come out and cheer for a very good team!
  • Women’s tennis is making good strides also.  They are 1-1 currently but their improvement is noticeable.  They are another team worthy of your support.
I am writing this column from our ACC Winter AD Meetings.  I will update you with any significant news from these meetings in the next edition of the “Deacon Club Newsletter.”  Until then, I look forward to seeing you at our games!
Go Deacs!
Ron Wellman


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