Message from Ron Wellman


Wellman_Ron_150pxEvery January (and even prior to January), our fans begin asking about the football schedule for next year. Normally the schedule is completed by the ACC in late January or early February. This year the schedule may be delayed a bit due to the unusual circumstances that have impacted the process. For instance, there are a few schools, including us, who do not have our fourth non-conference game finalized yet. We believe we are close to an agreement with a team, but we do not have a contract yet, and it is difficult to assume that we have a deal until we have a signed contract.

It is difficult for the ACC to move forward with a conference schedule until all of the non-conference games are scheduled by all schools. Therefore, the football schedule may be delayed a bit this year…but we are hopeful that all of these matters will be resolved soon and the conference will be able to move forward with the overall schedule.

Our non-conference schedule next year: Presbyterian at home (opener); @ Army; @ Vanderbilt. Our fourth non-conference game will be a home game which will give us six home games (four ACC games and two non-conference games).

On the basketball front, there are reasons to be encouraged about both the men and women’s program. Both teams continue to improve. That improvement is the result of their hard work and determination. Both teams practice with intensity and that results in enhanced game-day performance.

The freshmen on the men’s team are evolving into a solid core, and with the leadership of CJ and Travis, improvement is evident practically every game. Playing six, and sometimes seven, freshmen is certainly a challenge in getting consistent performances, but they are maturing and getting better each day…and they have tremendous attitudes and determination.

The women’s team has responded well to their new coach, Jen Hoover. It is not easy for a veteran team to adjust to a new coach and the new style that a new coach brings, but this group of players has made the transition well which is evident by the way they are playing.

Come out and enjoy and support your Deacs! We want The Joel to return to being one of the toughest sites for a visiting team to win…and we need YOU to help create that environment. I look forward to seeing you at the games.


Go Deacs!

Ron Wellman

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