Message from Ron Wellman


Dear Deacon Club,
When you receive this publication, all of our fall teams will be in full swing.  It’s great to have everyone back and to start what we anticipate to be a very good year.

The year got off to a good start again when the new students reported to campus.  Who was there to greet them and help the new students and their families unload their cars?  Yes, student-athletes, wearing their team jerseys or t-shirts, volunteered to assist in that unloading process.  The new students and their families were thrilled to get the help and were thoroughly impressed with our student-athletes and their coaches who not only attended, but were spotted taking suitcases and boxes to the rooms!

A major change in the university’s new-student orientation this year is the emphasis on becoming a Demon Deacon quickly.  The Athletic Department hosted all 1200 new students at BB&T Field the evening of August 26th.  It’s important that we educate the new students in the traditions of Wake Forest Athletics and this gave us the opportunity to do just that.  Many of our new students come from long distances and may have grown up following other college teams.  We want them to become Demon Deacons quickly!  The students were treated to dinner, games, videos and just a fun-filled evening.  They also practiced the tradition of “Opening the Gate” as the freshman class opened the gate at our first football game against Presbyterian…and they did a fine job!

I trust that you enjoyed your summer and are as anxious as I am to get our seasons started.  I look forward to seeing you at our games and cheering the Demon Deacons on to many victories this year!

Go Deacs!

Ron Wellman

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