Message from Ron Wellman


Dear Deacon Club Members,

On May 20th, 71 student-athletes received their degrees at our graduation ceremonies. It is always one of the best days of the year for our coaches and administrators as we  witness their elation about earning their degrees.

When we recruit prospects to join us at Wake Forest, we tell them that our highest priority is for them to graduate from our University.  Fortunately, the vast majority achieve that goal as we have one of the highest student-athlete graduation rates in the ACC and NCAA.

Our department hosts a graduation reception after the graduation ceremonies for the graduates and their families.  As you can imagine, it is a joyous event.  As I talk with the student-athletes and their parents at that event, I am reminded of their devotion to Wake Forest and their dedication to academic achievement.  I marvel at many of their stories that have led them to Wake Forest and the obstacles that they have overcome to earn their degree.

We are blessed with outstanding student-athletes who represent us well competitively and academically.  I am reminded of that fact every year at graduation.

Go Deacs!

Ron Wellman


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