Message from Ron Wellman


Wellman_Ron_150pxA few days ago, the ACC announced that all member institutions signed a “Grant of Media Rights” agreement. That probably doesn’t sound like that major of an item because the ACC had already signed a contract for ACC television rights through 2027. That contract with ESPN allows our TV partner to televise all ACC games.


However, if an institution were to leave the ACC, they would take their media rights with them. By each school granting its media rights to the ACC, the conference now owns our television rights regardless of the institution’s conference membership. In other words, if an institution were to leave the ACC, the ACC would still own their television rights.

The ultimate effect of each ACC institution agreeing to grant our media rights to the ACC is a stable conference membership. Obviously no other conference will want any institution without that institution bringing their media rights with them. Therefore, ACC membership has been secured through the life of our contract with ESPN. Not only has the ACC membership been secured for many years, but in all probability, all conference memberships are stable now. Other conferences who have secured the “Grant of Media Rights” from their conference members are the Pac-12 and Big 12. With the ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 having such an agreement with its member institutions, it is difficult to imagine that any of the institutions in those three conferences will shift their membership to another conference during the term of the “Grant of Media Rights”.

This is an important and significant commitment by each of our institutions to the ACC. It gives us the opportunity to move forward confidently with other initiatives that will be critical to our future success.

Go Deacs!


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