New Giving Levels Overview


Faircloth_BarryYou may have noticed some major changes to the Deacon Club giving levels with our first solicitation of the 2014-15 giving year.  The names and giving levels have changed but the mission of the Deacon Club remains the same.  We are focused on the athletic department mission of Developing Champions.  Our goals within the Deacon Club are threefold:

  1. Provide scholarships to our student athletes through Deacon Club donations. Our specific goal is $6.3 million dollars raised by June 30, 2015.  This is to help offset a total scholarship bill of over $13 million.
  2. Provide facilities for our fans to enjoy and our teams to train and compete in.  Our goal is to raise $24.7 million in new major gifts for our top priorities, the foremost of which is the Sports Performance Center.
  3. Bring fans together with engaging events and contests.

Our recent changes to the Deacon Club Annual Fund giving levels aim to renew our emphasis on the importance of annual giving. The Deacon Club Annual Fund is critically important to our efforts to compete at the highest level because it directly supports scholarships for our student-athletes. For more information on how the Annual Fund affects our athletic department, please click here.

Click here for the updated Deacon Club membership benefits chart. You will notice that we have increased the minimum donation amount for the majority of our levels. These increases are voluntary for the 2014-15 giving year, and will be fully implemented in 2015-16.

Whether you begin participating in this giving level increase in 2014-15 or 2015-16, you will be stepping up to help our efforts and support the goals for our department. Your commitment helps us keep up with the rise in scholarships that have increased 62% since we last raised our giving levels more than ten years ago.

As we look to compete in the new ACC, we will require unwavering support of our Deacon Club members to be successful.  Thank you for everything you have already done to help us achieve our goal of $6.3 million by June 2015.

Go Deacs!