Recruiting Greatness Starts With You

Your support plays a critical role in the Athletic Department’s vision of Developing Champions.  With your help the Deacon Club can reach its goal of 2,000 new referrals this year.

How To Recognize a Top Recruit

  • They bleed the Old Gold & Black
  • They attended the 2006 ACC Championship victory
  • They rearrange family/work priorities around the Wake Forest athletic season
  • They have a special pre-game ritual they follow to a T
  • They have a life-sized Chris Paul cardboard cutout
  • family
  • friends
  • co-workers

Recruit a Deac

The more support the Deacon Club can gain, the more we can continue to grow and shape the future of Wake Forest Athletics.  Please provide us with the names, phone numbers and/or email addresses of anyone you know who would make a great Deacon Club member.

Get A Signing Bonus

Earn priority points for any new or increased giving to the Annual Fund by one of your recruits. Earn 1 point for every $100 donation and 5 additional points for every 5 new members you recruit. Priority points will be automatically added to your Deacon Club membership.


Congratulations to our top recruiters:

Top Recruiter (# of recruits)

  1. Catherine Jones
  2. Jay Moody
  3. Rob Raisbeck
  4. Bonnie Rae

Top Recruiter ($ amount)

  1. Jessica Cook
  2. Zeno Martin
  3. Megan Donovan
  4. Clay Rucker
  5. Jeff Batts