Sports Performance Center Match Nears Finish Line


Since the 2015 football signing day, we have been working on a match campaign bball-gym_spc_mccreary-fh-2-20-05-pm
generously put forth by Ben Sutton and Bob McCreary in order to fund the Sports Performance Center (SPC). Bob and Ben contributed $5 million each and will match up to $10 million if Wake Forest can raise $20 million. We quickly raised $10 million and launched a public match of $10 million over the course of the past year. This was all in an effort to break ground on the SPC in 2016. As the match winds down, we have set a deadline of October 14 in order to get our financial plan in place for approval by the Board of Trustees at the meeting on October 28. If we meet this goal, we will be in a position to break ground on this important project in 2016.

So here we are less than two weeks away from the final deadline. We are approximately $2 million away from the SPC match goal. The progress made thus far is a remarkable accomplishment and a strong statement by our loyal donors as to the importance we place on winning championships. We have rallied support from well over 1,000 donors for this incredible opportunity presented by Bob and Ben.

Based on the progress already made, we have increased our fundraising goal in an effort to complete a second phase of the project, the $12 million Basketball Player Development Center (BPDC). The BPDC will include strength and conditioning for our basketball programs, an additional practice gym and new offices for our basketball staff. A total of $49 million for the SPC and BPDC is an ambitious new fundraising goal, but one that is much needed. In addition, the timing would be critical to generating momentum for our basketball programs.

By completing the SPC and BPDC at the same time, our Athletic Department will save approximately $1 million in construction costs while being able to complete construction of this area at one time. We are on an ambitious dash to the finish line in an effort to provide facilities that will literally allow us to leapfrog our competition in the all-important battle of facilities. We ask that you consider providing additional support at this time in order for us to break ground on these two very important facilities.

Currently our teams are off to an incredible start to the fall season. Football is 4-1 and the men’s basketball staff just received a commitment from one of the highest rated recruits in some time. Our Olympic sports continue to excel, bolstered by a dramatic increase in recruiting class rankings. This success is made possible in part due to the incredible facility build-out that has transpired over the last few years as the success of the Wake Will Campaign continues to surpass expectations for Athletics.

We thank you for all of your efforts as we pursue our goal of raising money to Develop Champions.

Go Deacs!