Stock Up and Get Ready to Roll


The dramatic football victory over Boston College was nothing short of amazing. The Wake Forest football team had pitched its first ACC shutout since the 30-0 victory over Florida State in 2006. In my mind, it was a victory worthy of rolling the Quad. IMG_5803

Upon arriving at the quad for the Brad Paisley concert that evening with my family and Paul Kennedy and his family, we were surprised to notice the lack of toilet paper in the trees upon the Quad. After the concert and before the team arrived, I felt like we needed to show the team some appreciation—Wake Forest style. Over the course of the next hour we raided each bathroom in Reynolds Gym, Manchester Athletic Center and the Miller Center—it’s a good thing I had a master key to buildings! We finally gathered enough toilet paper and with the help of Julie Griffin and my mom, Becky Faircloth, we rolled the courtyard in front of Manchester Athletic Center where all our teams arrive back home from away games. We proved that it doesn’t take many people to make a big impression for our team.

While traveling with the Deacs in my role, I have returned from many trips with our teams and felt the disappointment when hard fought victories are not rewarded with a good roll or the team is not personally welcomed home by cheering students and fans. I have seen the look on players’ faces as they long for a little Deacon love when returning home. Our party of ten the night of the Boston College win made quite a toiletry scene in front of Manchester Athletic Center as we cheered for the Deacs while they exited the bus shortly after 11pm. You could see from the players’ and coaches’ faces that they genuinely appreciated our support.

So, when do you roll? When do you personally welcome the team home? Is it a win over rival UNC? Is it an ACC or NCAA Championship for an Olympic sport? Is it a milestone win for a coach? How do we define the measure of success that qualifies? I am not sure what qualifies for a rolling but the bottom line is if you feel it in your heart to roll then you should act on your instinct.

Our group with special assistant Julie Griffin and my mom, Becky Faircloth, felt it after the Boston College game and we got it done. It was one of the more rewarding experiences of my time as a Demon Deacon. I couldn’t help feeling like we were essentially training the next generation of Kennedys and Faircloths on how to take action, raid campus buildings of toilet paper and roll.

I must say, I have contemplated an official Wake Forest trailer that would be filled with sufficient toilet paper for the max level of rolling inventory needed after a big moment for the Deacs. The toilet paper trailer would somehow arrive at the Quad on signature wins to aid in the rolling process. Only time will tell if we’re able to bring something such as this to life.

As we “Stock Up and Get Ready to Roll” in support of the Sports Performance Center Match made possible by Bob McCreary (’61) and Ben Sutton (’80, JD ’83), we should consider these questions. With the improvement of our teams across the board it is clear that more opportunities to roll are coming. It is time to stock up and take action. Make sure your friends, neighbors, children and grandchildren know what it means to roll, how to roll and are encouraged to roll.

Go Deacs!

(Note: This article was originally published in the November/December 2015 issue of Gold Rush.)