Seat Selection Process

Online Seat Selection

The online seat selection is available to Deacon Club members who wish to purchase season tickets for men’s basketball. All donors and patrons who ordered basketball season tickets the previous year are automatically assigned a selection time. Other donors and prospects will receive a mailing prior to the start of the seat selection process asking if they would like to take part in the selection process. With the help of an internet-based ticketing tool, Deacon Club season ticket holders will personally pick out a desired seat location in LJVM Coliseum by choosing from three methods of seat selection:

  1. Select a seat location online using the interactive seat selection tool.
  2. Select a seat location in person by meeting with a staff member from the Ticket Office or Deacon Club.
  3. Select a seat location over the phone by speaking with a staff member from the Ticket Office or Deacon Club.

Any new Deacon Club member, as defined by a rank of 850 or better, will receive a maximum of 4 tickets in the lower level regardless of giving level. Time slots for the seat selection process will be assigned based on rank and giving level as of June 30. The seat selection process typically begins in late August and runs through the beginning of October.

If you have any questions about the seat selection process or would like to join the Deacon Club in order to participate, please call (336) 758-5626.